1. What cleaning agents do you use to wash the windows?
We use a unique combination of joy soap and water to clean the windows. It does not leave any kind of stains and is not coarse. Moreover, it is environmentally safe. Back to top
2. How often should windows be cleaned?
We offer many tailor-made packages that can meet your needs. Just talk to us for your specific needs. Back to top
3. What is the duration of the cleaning process?
It usually takes around 1 or 2 hours involving 1 or 2 professionals. But that depends on the number of windows, storms, screens, etc. you want us to clean. Back to top
4. Can I trust your people who will work at my home?
Our crew members are fully insured and bonded and we always send people who are responsible enough to do the work efficiently. Back to top
5. Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, both our company and staff are fully insured. Back to top
6. How do I calculate the window count?
Every window is counted as 1, irrespective of how big or small (Please refer to the images with our price list). Back to top
7. Is my presence required while the cleaning process is happening?
We request first time customers to be at home. We would like you to see our performance and to be available for any questions. Back to top
8. What is your gutters cleaning process?
All the garbage collected in the gutter is removed manually with hands as we do not use any vacuums or power washers. Human inspection in this process is most trustable and we follow that. The debris that are collected are packed in disposable bags and carried out without messing your yard. Back to top
9. Do you fix downspouts?
Yes, we flush all clogged downspouts for an additional fee of $5.00 each. Back to top
10. Do you clean the outside of gutters for residue or mold?
Yes, we do it for additional fee. Check out the price list. Back to top
11. Do you carry out bags with leaves and debris with you?
Most of our customers request us to dispose the debris along with yard waste. If needed, we can tow them away for $5.00 each bag. We guarantee \'no mess\'. Back to top
12. What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy policy is very simple. We will not share, sell, give, trade, etc. any of your personal information with anybody, period. All information given to us is used by us only. Your phone number will only be used in the event that there is a problem with your order, and we can not reach you via email. Your email address is used only should we need to get hold of you for order clarification etc. At some point we may send out emails mentioning special sales or items. If you receive one of these emails and would not like to receive any more, you may opt out at any time by emailing us the request. However by doing so, of course you will no longer be notified of or eligible for any special sales. Back to top